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08-Jan-2018 20:12

There’s been lots of speculation regarding a Sprint-T-Mobile merger lately, including news that Sprint and Soft Bank have started informal talks about a deal with T-Mo parent company Deutsche Telekom. During an investors conference earlier today, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter said that he expects merger talks to happen now that the FCC’s 600MHz auction and its quiet period have ended.

“It’s not a question of will talks happen; of course they’ll happen,” he said.

The works much like other recent options out there (like Revolutionary.io).

Devices for which this tool has been reported working for include the Evo Design 4G, Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Evo Shift, G2, MT3Gs, MT4G, MT4Gs, Inspire, Sensation, Incredible, Wildfire S, and the Amaze 4G. This pretty much covers the whole EVO family, most of the my Touch family, and many of the popular HTC devices out there.

If your smartphone is not on the list, there is still a chance that it might work, but hasn’t been tested yet.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could give it a try and let the developer know how it goes.

One-click methods are the way to go for all “non-techy” users out there, or those who prefer simpler methods.

The guys at XDA Developers know this, where an awesome tool has recently been released for HTC users.

This provides instructions for setting up a Black Berry (BB) account using the Black Berry Internet Service (BIS) website.