Dating between catholics and protestants Live chat xxxworld

25-Oct-2017 07:39

For years I was dissatisfied with the Catholic vs Protestant debate because I saw Christ profoundly in both of Christianity’s two largest groups.

It was especially puzzling when one group excelled in the other group’s gifts!

Little did I know that five years after we were married the Holy Spirit would call me to be in full communion with the Church. If you are hoping for conversion of a loved one, it is a good idea to dig a little deeper into what your faith actually believes.

I wrote about that already (here) so let’s just jump to what you can do to help your loved one be or stay open to Catholicism during the dating years. Why do we believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist? Signing up to be a sponsor for RCIA is a great way to become re-catechized and this will help you to fully understand the personal process that is conversation.

He was kind but strong, decisive and direct, but loving and complimentary. The vows included promising to raise our children Catholic! I had to seriously consider what was most important.

Was it more important that I married this man and begin to embrace Catholicism a bit at a time because it was important to him?

(Luke ) Of course, this miraculously happened in history.

I went to public school with our friend, who lived a few doors down from Bob.

Evangelical Christianity is based on the teaching of the Bible alone; Catholicism is built on the teaching of the magisterium.

As a consequence, the respective teaching on the way of salvation is different. Evangelicals believe in Christ for salvation - and in nothing and nobody else, nor do they rely on any merits of our own; whereas Catholics, in addition to faith, base their salvation on the reception of baptism and other sacraments, good works and penance.

What do you think, is right or wrong if a Catholic and a Christian were to marry?

Answer: I am deeply concerned for you and your friend.Or was it critical that I dig in my heels in and reject the Church teachings that I had dismissed before seeking to understand? There is beauty and consistency and reason behind all of the teachings of the Church.