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It should be possible to support both but as I don't have one I can't test it.Will post a link to the module when its a bit more run adb remount adb push 32bit/camera./system/lib/hw/ adb push 64bit/camera./system/lib64/hw/ and also everytime you start lsmod and look for uvcvideo or ls /dev/ and look for video0 if they are not there do the following latest Ayufan has fixed this You should at least get a video feed with this module.But need to keep in mind that after the "low light sensitivit" is increased, the picture exposure time is increased, there could be some video tail in the video.

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The accompanied Cam Play software is then needed to play back the recorded video files. Although the sensitivity of the sensor is already very good compared to other products CMOS sensor, there is still a limitation.

If the video is still too dark for your environment, please try to increase the lightness of the light source or you can adjust the "low light sensitivity" in the "video settings" page.

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