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If you'd only just let the material tell you." Barbara Mc Clintock (1012). Ward (US) developed the 'indirect' method (implemented in commonly used FISH kits) that employs immunogenic or enzymatic detection of tagged nucleic-acid probes following hybridization (1113). Feramisco (US) discovered the cell adhesion protein vinculin (262). Judith Pollock Klinman (US), Hope Humphries (US), Judith G. Bossard (US) used isotope effects to isolate the chemical steps involved in the dopamine beta-monooxygenase-catalyzed conversion of dopamine and oxygen to norepinephrine and water (198, 1051). Carey (GB) demonstrated the feasibility of producing controlled amounts of influenza antigenic determinants by genetic engineering (514). Stewart (US), and Ann Marie Schweingruber (US), working with Saccharomyces cerevisiae established that there is no absolute requirement for a particular sequence 5′ to the initiation codon, consistent with their previous suggestion that translation starts at the AUG codon closest to the 5′ end of the m RNA (1762). DNAs from a number of individuals from within Mormon pedigrees as well as random individuals have been examined. Yager (US) established the bubble paradigm to describe the transcription of RNA from DNA (543, 630, 1557, 2029, 2138, 2139). Wieschaus (US), Gerd Jürgens (DE), and Hildegard Kluding (DE), using Drosophila as their experimental material, discovered that during embryonic development homeotic genes act hierarchically, parceling up the embryo into smaller and smaller sections to create ever more detail. Greene (US) partially characterized the membrane receptor for human interleukin-2 (1150).

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Nyong'o started her career working as part of the production crew for several films, including Fernando Meirelles's The Constant Gardener (2005), Mira Nair's The Namesake (2006) and Salvatore Stabile's Where God Left His Shoes (2007).

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